Understanding the ADD/ADHD Student

Understanding the ADD/ADHD Student


Professional Development | 3 Hour Session

Understanding the ADD/ADHD Student – Students with attention processing disorders are often challenging to classroom teachers.  This fun and interactive session will provide an overview of the brain functioning of students with ADD or ADHD.  Participants will be given numerous, easy to implement ideas that will help students focus, learn, and retain information.

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Professional Development | 3 Hour Session

WHO:         Available for Districts and Schools

WHAT:      Educator Professional Development
Teaching, learning, and leading is complex, challenging, and rewarding.  Today’s teachers and leaders need engaging, timely, and relevant tools and strategies to help all students succeed.  We offer numerous research-based sessions ranging from student engagement to classroom management techniques.  If you are looking for innovative, affordable, and effective solutions, we’ll help you meet your goals.

WHERE:  Live Online 3 hour (Can combine 2 for a full day of PD)

WHEN:     Can be scheduled anytime

HOW:       Sessions developed by Dr. Bryan Harris, Chief Education Officer

PRICE:      $2,999


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