Full Day SAT/PSAT Boot Camp with Essential Knowledge Assessment

Odessa High Schools Full Day SAT Boot Camp


Held at: Online
Address: Zoom   
Date/Time: Thursday, October 8th  from 10:00AM to 4:00PM

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Test Prep Seminars offers ACT, PSAT, and SAT test preparation workshops, known as Boot Camps, held on campus or virtually during a selected school day or weekend, targeting high school students. The camps that are held during the school day make it convenient for busy students and parents. They also dramatically increase student attendance, resulting in a positive impact to scores and participation. Our Boot Camps are uniquely designed to be a cost-effective alternative to expensive weekend and evening courses.



Each student receives a Strategy eBook, a Practice Drills eBook with 26 practice drills, a Vocabulary Study eGuide and over 35 time management and testing strategies that are applied throughout the seminar in mini-practice drills. During the camp, students are guided to create an Individualized Plan of Action, which identifies specifically what practice is needed to improve scores. Our workbooks are designed to mirror the ACT and PSAT/SAT tests, providing students with multiple practice tests to help them improve. We focus on test-specific skills, strategies, and content to increase scores quickly, yet effectively.


These Boot Camps help students of all academic competencies succeed, delivering a proven and manageable approach to test preparation. These convenient and economical programs deliver specific testing strategies and time management tips that also can be used with current class activities as well as to improve study habits. Students of all performance levels benefit from the tips and tools learned in this seminar.


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