Professional Development

  • Professional Development | 3 Hour Session

    Building Resiliency in Struggling StudentsResiliency can be defined as the ability to persist in the face of adversity or the ability to bounce back after facing a challenging situation. Helping students develop resiliency skills and attitudes has a positive effect on academic achievement, behavior, and long-term success in life.  This session offers educators with numerous, effective strategies for working with students of all backgrounds and experiences.

  • Professional Development | 3 Hour Session

    Battling Boredom – Strategies to Spark Student Engagement – Based on the book by the same title, this session focuses on the relationship between boredom, engagement, and behavior.  It includes research and definitions of student boredom and engagement, including brain and cognitive processes.  The majority of the workshop focuses on specific strategies for teachers to use in the classroom setting to engage students in meaningful learning.


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