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Fully Simulated ACT & SAT Practice Tests

Too often parents and teachers are left scrambling with their juniors, who clearly needed to begin preparing much earlier. Upon completion, the tests are scored and an Essential Knowledge Assessment Report is created. This is a very detailed report identifying each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses not only for each discipline, but for each sub-discipline, and sub-segment and concept level. From this data, A Next Steps Learning and Action Plan is created the reports breaks out performance by the subject, you can drill down to each discipline tested and how your students performed within these sub-disciplines.

Many students aren’t aware that these tests are competitions with almost 2 million other test takers for scholarship dollars and college admissions

WHO: Students grade 7-12
: The diagnostic test forms the basis for your students ACT or SAT Prep plan. The ACT/SAT Diagnostic Test is a powerful adaptive Essential Knowledge Assessment to precisely measure student’s complete skill profile. It generates a detailed lesson recommendation and heat map to improve your ACT score with maximum efficiency down to the subject segment for laser focused practice.


  • Essential Knowledge Assessment Practice Drills & Action Plan
  • Next Steps Learning Plan & Heat map


  • Parents Recorded Webinar:  Understanding My Scores
  • Parents’ Guide to College Admissions


  • Master Data File on Education Cloud
  • W.R.A.P. (Working Review Action Plan)

WHERE: Your school or local venue
WHEN:  School day or Saturday COST: $39.95 per test taker

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