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The proven test-taking and time-management strategies provided by Test Prep Seminars® not only reduce students' test anxieties—they translate into significantly improved ACT and SAT scores.

Higher scores on your college admission tests mean you're one step closer to achieving your goals. It's efficient, it's affordable and, best of all, it works!



Easier for Students

Students like Test Prep Seminars because they learn test-taking and time-management strategies in a single 5-hour session. Instead of investing countless hours relearning course content, students take practice tests to identify areas needing work. They can focus practice efforts on those specific areas and make the most of their prep time.

Affordable for Parents

For less than the cost of many test prep books, parents can give their child the chance to improve test scores—without incurring the $500 to $1,000 cost of some multi-week programs. The single-day workshops given by Test Prep Seminars are both effective and economical.

Essential for Schools

In an era of growing pressure on schools to improve test scores and accountability, workshops from Test Prep Seminars make higher test scores accessible to students of all abilities and income levels.

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